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Blog Writing Examples

blog writing examplesBlog writing examples for professionals.

Most of the times business professionals have blog writing examples and opportunities to build brands on the internet.  Their starting point can be using social media tools and creating their own website. One of the best ways of establishing leadership is by creating a blog that focuses on the areas of expertise or interests. Many professionals make their own blogs using WordPress. Other professionals startup posting their entries on social media platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and so on. Then move on to start building their reputation with a website of their own. If you are a professional and you are trying to get started with your own website.

go digital website

Go Digital Website have video tutorials that explain all the steps to create a website. In addition, this blog post will provide you with different blog writing examples that can help you established a good business reputation.

describe your vision and idea

Write posts for your organization

The primary goal of blogs for organizations is effective for public relations (PR). Traditionally, PR was view as media relations and the primary vehicle for news messages were press releases. As of today, many companies are adopting the idea of creating their own website. Using blogs that provides company news. In other words, blog news is fundamentally about building relationships with employees, customers, communities, the media, and other stakeholders. The primary goal of building a blog is to direct the audience to company products or services. Most importantly to build reputation and credibility according to company experience and effort.

the idea of developing a blog news

The idea of Development for Blog News

Since the primary goal of blogs is to create distinctive brand value for a company, any individual message should be considered a piece of a large effort that describes the company news. Furthermore, involves identifying which products and services the company wants to highlight. Thus requires discussions of the company strategy for promoting various products or services. Once you have done all this now your blog can act like a news reporter that highlights all of your services and products your company offers.

Message structure of the blog news

The components of blog news include a headline, dateline, author, the story and links that direct to company services or products. The headline immediately captures the attention of the stakeholders, next the dateline allows readers, know when the blog news was published. Make sure that the author name of the post is also published. The story describes important information related to specific company news or specific services and products. There are numerous ways of how to write a blog post if you are interested in how to write a blog post read this blog here. Moreover having links within the blog post is important to create engagement with all of your readers. 

social media connection

Guidelines for using Social Media in the Workplace 

If your company or professional group have committed to using social networking platforms make sure to contribute regularly and respond to comments. A great way of contributing is by posting images regarding your company or industry. Another way is by posting your blog news in the different social media networks. Also, venture out from your formal work teams to established work relationships with other members of your company or professional network. Social media offer an ideal means of continuously learning about your company, your industry, and your discipline. Having a central approach to communication on social media is important to give you ways to network. For example, as you follow blogs of others in your company or industry you gain insights into best practices. 

Principles for social media use

  • Be an active contributor
  • Listen and learn
  • Focus on content
  • Make your content accessible
  • Make your messages authentic and friendly
  • Be responsive and help others
  • Respect boundaries 

Managing your Online Reputation

Although nearly all business professionals are aware of social networking and the importance of a strong online reputation. First, think carefully about developing a personal brand in a professional sense. Use a unique set of professional skills and attributes that others can associate with you. Provide related information about your skills and experience. You can do this by posting on social media networks and by having your own website with a blog. Make sure you write in your blog about your latest news and more importantly your services and products. 

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