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What do bloggers know about WordPress?

What do bloggers know about WordPress

Bloggers best guidelines for WordPress

Before we dive into What do bloggers know about WordPress? I would like to give you a brief definition of what a blog can do for your business. I learn that having a blog is a great piece of technology rather than an ordinary journal or diary. Many businesses today discard the idea of having their own blog for their business. What they do not know is that blogs provide necessary information to the people that are interested in a specific niche or topic. However, the power of a blog can be very useful as a business marketing strategy. None of the less the communication style can be adapted to any style of your preference.

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Make your own WordPress Website blog

If you made some research about having a blogging lifestyle. Go Digital Website have all of the necessary self-learning videos to start a WordPress blog. Not only that our videos offer all of our members how to create a service website or online store. Not to mention it also provides different blog post and videos on how to promote your website online.

What is a blog

Wikipedia describes a blog as being a website with entries made in a journal style, however, this may be true or not true. Why? The mast majority of blogs may be presented in reverse chronological order, the content topic and style is entirely your choice. WordPress blogs are made especially with the intention of being an internet open source which includes news stories or has formal content. Many bloggers had gain authority on the internet through the power of WordPress blogs.


How useful is a blog

  • A good piece of blogging software I know is WordPress as is categorized as a content management system. Blogs are very effective for non-HTML literate workers within an organization which enable them to upload new information onto a website.
  • Search engines tend to rank websites higher if bloggers continually add new content to their site. Blogs should not be considered as being a static entity on the other hand blogs should be updated with content regularly.
  • When blogging sites are updated regularly search engines are more likely to consider your blog current. Which is more relevant than a website that is not being updated for a period of time. Writing useful new content onto your blog is crucial to gain authority within a specific niche or market.

Content management

Keep in mind, that WordPress blogs are a great content management tool. As they don’t require you to be technically literate to post pages or manage the publishing of new content. All you have to do is enter your title, description and content within the blog post, choose the category and hit publish. The number one reason, why I like about WordPress. It’s that you can give different certain levels of authority to different users. Another thing is that you can limit access to particular categories. Moreover, allow certain users to only create posts. As opposed to authorizing them to create blog posts relevant to your business industry.

WordPress Plugins

WordPress has been designed especially to be ‘lean and mean’ in a way that operates easily for non-HTML techies. In order to cater for everyone’s needs, they made the sensible choice of designing WordPress. To be a world-class core product without any extra bells and whistles. However, because WordPress is an open source. It means that independent coders can add additional functionality to the software in the form of plugins. This means that users are not forced to download a huge core product. That has features that they don’t intend to use.

More to WordPress Plugins

On the other hand, WordPress plugins are installed depending on what the user wants its website to offer. Plugins provide different features and functionalities in a wide range according to business models and online goals. All plugins are small software programs which work together with standard WordPress installation.

Recommended Plugins for Bloggers

There are numerous plugins to choose from but there are a few must use plugins you should install right away. Even though the list of recommendation may change throughout time. But for now, I recommend you to take a look at these great plugins to consider for WordPress bloggers.

  • 1) Anti-spam by installing this plugin into your WordPress blog. Will generate a filter that blocks all of the spam comments coming to your site. This plugin will protect you from malicious comment spammers that try to spam your content. Having this plugin is crucial to stay on the safe side when trying to generate unique comments on your content.
  • 2) aLinks is a plugin that controls the links within your blog. One of the issues with blogs is that people can ‘steal’ your content. Via RSS feed and automatically publish it on their own site. By generating links that navigate through different post inside your WordPress blog. The links that you have within your blog posts will bounce back potential readers to your own website.
  • 3) A popularity contest is a plugin that makes popular posts
    easily available for visitors to view. WordPress commonly display blog posts in reverse chronological order. Which can make it difficult for readers to find old blog posts of their interest. What this plugin does is that place the popular post in the all-time sidebar within your blog navigation. This will make it much easier for readers to find posts that are significantly popular.
  • 4) Get Recent Comment is a plugin that shows the most recent comments in your sidebar. If you are encouraging people to make comments on all of your posts. The best way is to install this plugin that will break your comments from recent to all-time comments.
  • 5) Avatar Manager this is a plugin that allows all of your users to upload their own avatar image. This will encourage your blog to become more of a community. In addition, more interactive as people can see their own avatar images beside any comments made.
  • 6) Yoast SEO is a plugin that helps you optimize all of your blog post content. By letting you create a custom title, description, URL slug according to a specific keyword. Having this plugin installed into your WordPress is of great benefit if you want to appear on search engines accordingly.

Blog pinging

Pinging is a process built into WordPress that automatically tells other blog directories. Then, include news portals that you have added a new post to your blog. You can find this feature within your WordPress dashboard by simply hoovering settings then clicking writing. There you can submit all of the ping sites that you want your blog posts to appear and hit save. To find a list of sites you simply have to browse Google. Then, search for ‘best ping sites for WordPress’ you can include the current year. Lastly, place them into the ping section of your WordPress.

ping sites


RSS, which stands for Really Simple Syndication is another great automated marketing tool built into blogging software. It is a tool which lets people subscribe to the latest content published on your blog.

RSS feeds are also features of many other types of website but it is probably most commonly found on blogs.

The main advantage of RSS on your WordPress. It’s to allow readers to see when you have updated your blog. Without having to directly visit your blog. It is an easy way for them to be made aware as soon as you publish a new post.


The best way to attract readers to your blog is by submitting your blog into Feedburner.com. It’s simple, visit this website and enter your blog URL. For example, https://godigitalwebsite.com/blog/feed I took this URL and submitted it to FeedBurner (I ‘burned’ the feed). Then Feedburner makes my blog available at http://feeds.feedburner.com/BlogGoDigitalWebsite this will allow Google Feedburner to generate subscribers into my blog.

The best ways to write a blog post

Before you start writing on your blog you have to considerate what are people searching according to your niche. Please make sure that what are you writing is something of importance to your audience. The best way to reach the audience is by researching relevant keywords and information regarding your market or niche. It’s very important that you know the different blog formats you can find in this post. Useful tips on how to write a blog post. Read it to understand what are the best ways to write a blog post.

Publishing a Podcast

In addition, having a recorded podcast can help you gain authority too. One of the easiest methods of publishing a podcast. Its to release the episodes in a category on your blog. Then use the category RSS feed as your podcast feed. There is an excellent free WordPress plugin called PodPress. That’s dedicated to helping you published your podcast via your WordPress blog.


Once you install the plugin, all you need to do is upload the MP3 or Mp4 file to your blog. Via PodPress in your WordPress back office. The Podpress plugin provides a flash-based MP3 player where your blog visitors are able to play the track directly from your blog. It also provides a direct upload to the MP3 or MP4 file.

Remember to use Feedburner

If you are going to give a go, for podcasting you can submit your podcast to the Feedburner.com. For example, you have to submit the URL https://godigitalwebsite.com/blog/tags/podcast/feed as godigitalwebsite.com does not have a podcast for now. But this is how it will show if it had one. https://feeds.feddburner.com/GoDigitalWebsitePodcast as the podcast URL Feed.

Become a Better Blogger 

In conclusion, in the end, the key is to implement all of the different tactics mention here. When it comes to becoming better bloggers. Take all the necessary steps to progress with your project idea or vision. Getting to know all the basics of how to make a website is fundamental. Only the best and educated will know how to write a blog post to convey their valuable message accordingly.

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