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12:22 pm

Submit Simple Website to Search Engines and Local Search

After you have completed your simple search engine website. It is important that you go through the SEO process and checklists. In the same fashion that you input all of your information in your simple website you have to do SEO. Remeber that you must make sure that your simple site has an SSL certificate,[continue...]

7:49 pm

How to Make a Simple Search Engine Website 101

Why is important to make a simple search engine website? If you are providing a service or products is important that you have a simple search engine website. Why? because simple search engine websites are made specially so they are visible in search engine results. Also a simple search engine website can be added to[continue...]

10:44 pm

SEO Website Planning 101

Before you get started on making a simple search engine website you have to have a general concept on how your website content is going to be structured. To begin, you must choose a domain name for your company. Your content structure can range from images, what pages are you going to have, what products[continue...]