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Certified Public Accountant or Chartered Accountant

If you're expectations are within the accounting field know that you could either be license as Chartered Accountant or Certified Public Accountant. It all depends on what country you reside. If you are in the USA you are most likely to become a certified public accountant. But if you are in another country that is not the USA. You are most likely to become a Chartered Accountant. However, know that starting a career in accounting can be rewarding if you are interested in finance.

Does Certified Public Accountants earn more than Chartered Acountants? Not necessarily. It all depends how many job opportunities you attain as an accountant that is how much you earn. The only difference is that Certified Public Accountants are accountants that work in the USA and Chartered Accountants are accountants that work in another country.

How do Certified Public Accountants earn most of their income

To become a certified public accountant you must be a U.S. Citizen, be at least 18 years of age, hold a minimum of a bachelor degree or have at least 120 hours of undergraduate coursework.

The path to a CPA, on average takes five years of education following with two years of work experience.

Requirements for the CPA exam

  • Auditing and Attestation
  • Business environments and concepts
  • Financial Accounting and Reporting
  • Regulation

In order to pass the CPA exam you must pass all four section with a score 75 out 90.

Once you pass the CPA exam you can start earning income from being an accountant. In other words you are ready to start offering your accountant services around the areas you reside. Some accountants decide to earn some of their income by working remotely. All accountants offer different financial accounting services.

Some of the services accountants offer

  • Bookkeeping
  • Financial Analysis
  • Account management services
  • Preparation of statements
  • Tax returns
  • and more

A Chartered Accountant is a Worldwide Credential

Chartered Accountans have the same duties as Certified Public Accountants but they get certified in other countries other than the USA. Usually Chartered Accountants are goberned by different organizations depending of the location of the accountant individual. A few of these locations include Scotland, India, Canada, and more.

In order to become a CA the applicant must complete undergraduate degree and have educational or professional experience. It usually takes five years of education and two to three years of work experience.

Who earns more CPA or CA?

It does not matter whether you have obtain a degree in accounting in the USA or in another country. To start earning as an accountant you must find a good way to obtain many job opportunities in the location that you reside. To get notice as an accountant it is important that you appear on the internet so businesses around the area notice that you are an accountant. You can accomplished that by planning a simple search engine website for an accountant. Not only other businesses may want to hire you, but other accountants may want to share some of their work duties with you too. However, to be notice by either a new business or other accountants in your area or sometimes remotely is important that you appear on the internet search. You can follow my instructions on how to do planning for a simple search engine website for accountants. Start thinking positive and know that a website plan can earn you higher job opportunities. Does not matter whether you are a CPA or a CA.

Do SEO Accounting Website Planning

Before you get started on making a simple search engine website. It is important that you do a SEO Accounting Website Planning. However to make a SEO Website plan you must create a diagram of your main pages, what pages you are going to have in your main menu, also you have to know what pages are going to be in your footer. Nonetheless, you also must prepare the information related to your accounting services in the SEO plan. After all making a simple search engine website requires information, images, videos (optional) and contact details.

Make a Simple Search Engine Website

Afterwards that you made a plan of your accounting services online goals. It is important that you go from your plan to making a simple search engine website. If you are interested in having a website so you can offer your accounting services. Thereafter, you can submit your simple website into search engines together submit your site to search maps. So you not only be search visible on the areas that you reside but also nationwide, and in other countries.

In Conclusion

To become a successful in the accounting field you must first obtain a degree as an accountant, second you must build a relationship with other accountants to gain the accounting experience. However, to be a succesful accountant in the areas that you serve it is important that you make a simple search engine website. Although to appear on local maps and search engines you must optimized your website content and submit sitemap to search engines. Lastly, to appear on local search maps you must create multiple business profile on local maps and popular online directories. Besides making your site and creating business profiles it is important that you match your contact details from your website with your business profiles such as telephone, and location address. If you want to know more on how it is done keep reading our posts about accounting.


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