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Easy to follow step by step self-learning videos on how to register a domain name and publish a secured WordPress website. Learn all of the key elements of how to manipulate the WordPress dashboard and visual design without the need for any coding skills or complex algorithms.

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Web Hosting

Receive a promotion to get a free Domain Name and 50% off Web Hosting.

Register private domain name, make a secure website using Website Pro Host Web Hosting and SSL certificate, create business emails for free, install WordPress with one click.    


Everything about WordPress Dashboard, Themes, and Plugins.

Learn all the key elements to basic and advance WordPress. Create a unique design service website, blog or online store using WordPress latest tools.  


Promote the website online.

Optimize the website content, generate XML sitemap and submit to google search engine. Create PPC Campaigns using Google Adwords. Make a Facebook page to create ad campaigns and more.  

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WordPress Website Videos

  • How Much Does It Cost To Start A Website
  • Top Web Hosting Promotion
  • Learn WordPress Step by Step
  • Easy to Use WordPress Website Builder
  • WordPress Forms
  • Woocommerce Store

Promote with Digital Marketing

  • Learn SEO Guidelines and SEO Tools
  • How to Create a Youtube Channel
  • Facebook Business Page
  • All Social Media in One Place
  • Email Marketing Strategy
  • Google Training: Get Found on Google Search

Got Questions Here are Our Answers

  • Less Expensive: First of all, having a website is less expensive than advertising through the local newspaper, radio or television.
  • Advertising: Another reason why the website is so helpful when it comes to advertising the business. Websites are online friendly. We all know that the internet has become a necessity for everyone. A website will provide an easy access to advertising the business through SEO content creation, search engine marketing and social communities such as Facebook ads and so on. 
  • Satisfaction: In like manner having a website brings the business owner and customers satisfaction. For the reason that a website can serve as an information booth at the same time be a cashier when it comes to selling products. More and more people can reach the business because all of the information regarding the business appear on the internet. 
  • Increase customers: Most business have popularity locally but a website can expand the business. A website can help generate customers not just in your city but nationwide and international. 
  • Accessibility: Not to mention you do not have to turn down customers just because you are closing the doors of the business. Well, you can keep those customers because your website will be accessible 24/7. You just have to make sure you post enough information on the website regarding the services or products this way you’ll keep new visitors informed and interested.
  • Opportunity: As a matter of fact websites give you the opportunity to prove your credibility. You just have to tell the customers why you deserve their trust through the website. This can earn positive feedback for your services and products.  In addition, the business can get recognition from the news just by looking at your website positive feedback and credibility. 

You are going to have access to our entire self-learning video tutorials on how to design and promote a service website or online store. We will offer you a promotion that gives a 1-year free domain name and 50% off web hosting to publish your project or idea in a form of a website.   

Yes, making a website is not free. In order for you to make and promote a website, you’ll need to register a domain name and buy web hosting. We have set a video section “Web Hosting” where we are going to explain how you can get a free domain name and get 50% off from web hosting. In order to make a unique website, you’ll need to buy a premium theme and page builder. Buying a premium theme and buying the page builder it’s totally optional. If you are taking this course just to learn how to design a website you can learn with the free version of WP themes and the page builder. But if you are making a website for your business we highly recommend you to buy the copyrights of a premium theme and page builder plugin.

No Sorry, Smartphones or Tablets are not made for web design work. In order to make and maintain a WordPress Website, you are going to need a Computer. You can use a laptop or a desktop. It’s totally up to you.

Learning how to make a website using WordPress effectively should not take you more than 30 days. If you have accountability and you are a fast paste learner you can take control of making a website using WordPress within hours. Go Digital Website is only $1 to sign up an a recurring payment of $40 a month subscription (cancel any time) if it takes you more than a month to learn you can always pay a second month subscription. All of our members have access to open a support ticket system to receive advice on how to improve their website. 

Domain Name registration is approximately $12 per year and additional $7 per year for privacy.  To make a website is required to have a domain name. In the Web Hosting video section we are going to provide you with a promotion code. This promotion code will give you 1-year free domain name registration and 50% off 1-year web hosting. You have to pay a year of web hosting in order for the promotion code to work. 

Shared Web Hosting costs approximately $80 1-year for basic plan and additional $25 for SSL certificate for domain security. To make a website is required to buy web hosting. In the Web Hosting video section, we are going to provide you with a promotion code. This promotion code will give you 1-year free domain name registration and 50% off 1-year web hosting. You have to pay 1-year of web hosting in order for the promotion code to work.

If you are going to register a domain name and buy web hosting only to learn how to make a website. You do not have to buy domain privacy and SSL certificate. But if you are going to watch these video tutorials for learning how to make and promote a website for your business or someone else business. Yes, buying domain name privacy and SSL certificate is required because it will protect all of the owner information and visitors. If you do not buy domain name privacy and SSL certificate your visitors will get a warning sign blocking users from visiting the website. Users have to agree to visit a not secured website in order to visit the website this action causes the website to lose traffic and you do not want that to happen.  When you buy domain name privacy and SSL certificate the website gets a safety lock in the browser window giving the green light and pass to all of the website visitors. Without any warning signs or blocking visitors from visiting site. 

Premium Themes have different prices depending on what type of template you choose. In the “WP Web Design Builder” Section we suggest different premium themes that are compatible with the page builder plugin. The copyrights of a premium theme ranges from $29 to $49 per year for one site. Its totally up to you to choose any of our recommendations when it comes to choosing a premium template.   

There are two different versions of the page builder plugin one is the free version and the other is the paid version. You can design a quality website with the free version but to a certain extend. There are less widgets and functionalities when it comes to using the free page builders version. The paid version of the page builder costs $49 per year one site. Having the paid version of the page builder plugin will give you full control of almost any WP theme and will come with a huge selection of widgets and components for better user experience and unique web design. 

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