Email Marketing Strategy: Make a Newsletter to Generate Subscribers
email marketing strategy

Strategy and Tools for Email Marketing with WordPress

Learn all the key elements to Email Marketing Strategy by integrating, best email marketing WordPress Tools. Getting a plugin in the first place, that can help auto-respond all of the email subscribers is a must when trying market a website through newsletter subscribers. Second, giving a reason why they should subscribe to the newsletter is very important to get subscribers. By giving them something in return this could be a discount promotion code or a free gift. Giving them a promotion or a free gift will encourage the users to enter their email into the newsletter form.     

Newsletter Email Marketing

There are many WordPress plugins that can help build an email list. Most of them are premium and some others are free to use but to certain extend. Finding the right plugin to set up an email campaign can be a challenging task because the WordPress Plugin directory is fill with many of them. Most of them are very hard to work with and they do not offer auto-respond only with their premium version. In Go Digital Website self-learning Marketing Videos we made all the research and we know the free plugins that can work best for almost any email marketing strategy.  

Subscriber Forms

In addition, to newsletters subscribers auto-respond, email subscriber form plugin is needed to connect the form to email list. Which can be use to send an auto-respond message with the gift or promotion code. In like manner emails can be send in the future with email manager of new products, special or promotion purposes. It all depends on what type of email campaign the business is running. Another great way of catching more email subscribers is by adding an optin pop pop form into the website that will appear before the user leaves the website.        

Opt-In Email Pop Pop

Opt-In Emails of course, is another great way to boost traffic and sales. Most Opt-In plugins are premium and some of them are free but they work to a certain extend. There is a lot that can be done although, with the free version. Another key point, to generating an email marketing campaign is to get a powerfull traffic source that could be from SEO, Youtube, Facebook or from Ad Campaigns.     

Email Subscribers with SEO Traffic

Its important to realize, that generating email subscribers through SEO is great tool to receive free traffic and subscribers. SEO can be done with a fully optimize Youtube Channel and with optimizing all of the website products, pages, and posts. To get leads and subscribers into the email list, the website have to demonstrate valuable content and must provide a good reason why the viewers would want to subscribe.  

Email Marketing Plan with Youtube or Facebook

Many and many more people indeed, are spending their time in a Digital Social Communities like Youtube or Facebook. Creating awareness through Youtube and Facebook Ad Campaigns generally speaking, is a great tool to generate an email marketing strategy. To be sure, that the marketing strategy works a good looking website, a discount promotion or free gift are required. To get subscribers into the email list. Its important to realize, that the viewers tent to focus, if its worth it to enter their email for what they been offered in return. 

Online Email Marketing Offer Something of Value

To demonstrate, the viewers that what they are getting in return is something of value. Must provide them something that they can really use or something that will really benefit them. Promotions always work if they really like the products in the website but valuable gifts can boost the email list immediately.   

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