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How to increase free traffic to your website

How to increase free website traffic?

The traffic of a website is the total quantity of data generated by your visitors. Getting free website traffic depends on the content you post on your website (text, images and other archives) such as the number of posts and quality content determines the visibility of your website. Although a website without any traffic does not meet its purpose. Now I am going to explain to you how to generate free website traffic effectively.


1. Optimize your Website

For sure you want your website to be visible on all the different computing devices. Such as desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. If you do not have a responsive design your website will look bad on smaller mobile devices.

optimize website

  • Your website should be responsive

For the purpose of getting more visitors to the website having a responsive design is the right way to go. We all know that people are now using smartphones and tablets, for this reason, is important to consider having a mobile-friendly website.

  • Your Website should load fast

The concept of time in the technology era has changed dramatically. Everyone in the world is in a hurry and if your website load time is slow visitors are going to leave.

  • Make sure your website is attractive

From the eyesight, love is born,  and in marketing is a must to apply it. It does not matter what you sell your website should be attractive and intuitive to generate traffic. This way users feel comfortable navigating your entire site.

2. Optimize the entire content

I already explained to you how to improve the technical and visual web design. But this other part is essential to generate more free website traffic, which has to do with the quality of content you post.

optimize content

  • Create your own blog

In these days is impossible to run a website without a blog with relevant information about your products or services. At the same time, the information that you provide is useful to all of your visitors. It’s a great way to attract the interest of the users moreover they are going to be grateful for the valuable information. You can get started with your own blog with Go Digital Website self-learning videos on how to design and promote a service website or online store.

  • Write about you

is essential that you have a particular category for you and the relation of the products you offer. In other words, this generates a connection of trust with the users and makes them think that there is someone human behind all this.

  • Make use of attractive titles

The first 12 characters of the title are the most important than the rest. The purpose of this idea is to utilize titles that attract users in the form that you will engage them the rest of the content.

  • Use long tail keywords

Imagine that you have a t-shirt online store. If you make a search for t-shirts you will find a bunch of results nothing related to what you are really looking for. But if you utilize more specific keywords to position yourself such as “designer cotton t-shirts” or “original vintage t-shirts” the situation will be different. The specific keywords or long tail are a variation of words that generate a generic word. Obviously,  the more specific the long tail keyword is to higher possibilities you will have to obtain the first page results. For the most part, receive a huge amount of free website traffic.

3. Connect with Social Platforms

The social media platforms are powerful tools that can help your website increase traffic. They look easy to use but is like everything you just have to know how to use them in your favor. If you are the type of person that thinks that social media platforms they are just a waste of time. There is software that allows you to schedule and post to multiple social media platforms at the same time.

connect with social media

  • Share infographics

Publishing infographics on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest generate a lot of free website traffic.

  • Youtube the best social platform

To begin with, having a Youtube channel is obligatory. Its been proven that websites with a Youtube channel attract more users and they retain more time their visitors. At the same time products get more reviews and they sell more. Because their product reviews are made through video and publish on Youtube. It’s important to make videos with an acceptable quality with a valuable message.

4. Use the power of networking

Free Website Traffic will not come by magic you have to deliver your products door to door this is the old way but is very effective. I do not mean go door to door but what mean is to do it virtually connect to other websites to cross promote your products or services.

use the power networking power

  • Comment on forums and other blogs within your niche

Subscribe to other blogs or websites within the same niche as yours. Comment and answer some of the questions. by doing this your name is going to be noticeable and you will awaken the curiosity of people to visit your web.

  • Start doing guest blogging

Generally speaking start publishing in other blogs as a contributor to another blog.  This is very good for creating awareness about your brand. Your blog will receive free website traffic now that you publish on other blogs.

  • Invite guests to write for your blog

Create a page with some guidelines for guest blogging and network with other bloggers. This will open the possibility that your guest blogger shares their post on social networks.

As you can see increasing your website traffic is nothing easy, but neither is impossible if we apply these methods that require time and patience.

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