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How to Google Optimize your WordPress Website

google optimizeUse this simple method to Google Optimize your WordPress Website

Having to Google optimize your WordPress Website is one of the most important factors to be found. There could be two reasons why Google still doesn’t make your website searchable yet. Reason number one could be because your website does not have any content at all. Reason number two is because your website hasn’t been crawl by Google spiders yet. To say nothing of bad SEO WordPress is already 90% Optimize friendly. To put it differently, the other 10% is something that you need to apply in order to appear faster in Google search results. Otherwise, if you do not work the remaining 10% and submit your XML sitemap to Google Search Console. Google is going to take a longer time to crawl your website before it makes it searchable.

Invest time in getting your SEO right

Of course, if you invest time in getting all the website SEO right from the beginning Google will crawl your site easily. At the same time, the website will appear in the search results faster. Even though getting the content appear in Google search results could take approximately from 6 months to a year sometimes more. Depending on if the content is following the SEO guidelines and have quality content. You can learn all the details of how to design a WordPress Website and how to use the Yoast SEO plugin effectively by signing up to Go Digital Website self-learning videos.

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In order for you to work this remaining 10% of SEO Google asks that a website have a title, description, optimize URL, alt, and content. If you do not meet any of these requirements that its the reason why your website does not appear on google search results. Okay, let’s dive in on how to work the remaining 10% of your WordPress SEO.

SEO Plugin

The best way to apply the Google optimize measurements which consists of a title, description, optimize URL, alt, and content. Your WordPress website should have a special plugin that will create these tags for you as you create a new page or post. You can simply fill in the blank spaces of the title, description, and the rest of the tags to make sure you appear on Google search. You could either use All in One SEO plugin or Yoast SEO plugin is totally up to you what plug in to use.

Write the title tag

The title tag is the most important search element on any website. The title tag is displayed on the search engines results. Having a title in all of your pages and posts is very important. For the fact that a title tells search engines what is your page content about. The title tag appears in blue on search engine results pages and is the link that users click to access your website content.

title tags

Write a meta description

The meta description is displayed directly below the title tag which describes the content of the page. Typically, search keywords appear in boldface in the meta description. Although search engines don’t use your meta descriptions to determine your ranking for a search query. Searchers read these descriptions to determine whether do they want to click on your results. The meta description is the intro pitch for your page, so make it compelling. Include words that describe the content of the page in a way that entices searchers to click on your results. Keep your meta description under 150 characters; otherwise, it is likely to be cut on the search engine result. Try to consider a call to action in your meta description such as “Shop Now!” “Click here for free shipping” or “Browse the latest trends.” Be accurate when describing your content and make sure that you do not write over 150 characters.


Optimize the URL

The URL is the address location that describes a page or post to visitors and search engines. Therefore is important to keep the URL relevant to the content ranks right on search results. It is important to include the keywords on the URL after the forward slash (/). When search engines crawl a website they match the relevancy of the URL and the keywords you used for the content. URL’s may not play a big role in search rankings like title tags but is important to match the keyword with the URL to optimize for Google.


Write body copy

Body copy is the text on a page or post without it you cannot rank for a particular keyword or phrase in google search results. Therefore it’s important that you have text in every a page or post that you publish. Having content on a page is very important to get rank in search results. Have at least 500 words or more but do not fill your pages with low-quality content. Make sure what you write in your website have importance to your potential audience. Try to search for popular keyword phrases on Google keyword planner and write about what people are already searching for. To put it another way, make sure that what you are writing has to do with your business, but more importantly make sure you answer some of the questions your audience might have.

Optimize the alt tag

The tag provides alternative information for images use in your content. Make sure you fill the alt information in all of the images that you use in your content. It is also important that one of the images that you use in your content has the keyword you use for that particular piece of content.

alt tag

With all this said in this post I hope that you are able to make use of this Google optimize information here. Take all the necessary steps to progress with your project idea or vision. Getting to know all the basics of how to use WordPress is a fundamental base for all entrepreneurs. Only the best and educated will create their presence in a digital format.

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