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Google Training: Get Found On Google Search Engine

Generally speaking, Google has become the World’s #1 Search Engine. As a result of submitting a WordPress website in Google Search is very important to be found by potential consumers or customers. Go Digital Website has put together a set of self-learning videos that focus only on Google for Business. Learn all the key elements to Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Google Plus, and Google for Local Business. With our self-learning Google Videos obviously, our members will be able to make any website appear in Google Search easily.

Learn Google Webmaster Tools

First of all, if you are a startup, entrepreneur, business, company or go digital. Submitting a website URL and XML sitemap to Google Search Console is very important to have a business website appear in Google Search.

Google is the world’s #1  most visited search engine, for the time being, therefore understanding Google Webmaster Tools is crucial to get a business website found in Google Search.

Google Analytics Videos

To summarize the traffic that goes into a website is important to understand Google Analytics. By simply putting a tracking code into the website head script Google Analytics can identify what pages and how much time do visitors spend in the website. Knowing all the analytics that goes into a website, for instance, will help any business understand where is the traffic source coming from. Therefore the marketer will be aware of how to invest in the marketing budget more wisely.

Learn Google Adwords

When a business website is starting with their website SEO is also recommended to use at the same time, Search Engine Marketing from Google Adwords. Being able to understand how to create Pay Per Click ad campaigns for websites or Youtube videos is important to boost target traffic fast.

Google Plus Videos

Google has become the most visited search engine at the moment, to begin with. Therefore, Google has launched their very own social media network called Google Plus. Currently, Facebook is the top visited social media platform Google invest a lot of effort to get Google Plus on the top. That is why Google gives search preference to Google Plus posts and websites that are posting in Google Plus. In other words, Google Plus provides higher visibility than Facebook when it comes to posting on their social media network “Google Plus”.

Video of Google for Local Business

When promoting a business website first thing to remember, to promote that company locally first. That is why Google has created Google for Local business. By submitting and verifying a business website with Google My business. That particular business name will appear on the Google search map and as well will provide a customer review section.

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