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How much does it cost to start a Website Using WordPress.

If your are a startup, entrepreneur, business, company or go digital. You must be wondering how much does it cost to start a website of your own. Here at Go Digital Website as a result, we have put together a set of self-learning video tutorials that provides all the key elements to creating and promoting a WordPress website.

Getting the right web publishing tools to make a website of course is a must, but on top of that you must have to know all the elements to make a unique website and the right marketing skills to promote it. Additionally, you must have a business or a project idea in mind to publish it in the internet.

First of all, you must have to purchase a Domain Name and Web Hosting. Secondly, you must have to buy a premium theme this way you have full copyrights of the WordPress Template.

Domain Name: How much does it cost to start a Website

In order to buying the right publishing tools, you must have to have an idea of what is going to be you Domain Name address to your website. To be sure that the domain name that you have in mind is available for registration.

Domain Name Registration

Now that you have search for the domain name that you are planning to use for your website project. In addition, you must have to make sure that you purchase domain protection. Getting your information protected by all means, is very important this way you do not get unsolicited phone calls to your business. You can register a .com domain name for about $13 plus $7.50 for protection. Total of $20.50 other domain name suffix endings such as: .org, .net, .club, etc… have different pricing. 

Free Domain Name with Web Hosting Plan

In order to host your website domain name and website you have to buy web hosting. Website Pro Host offers a free year registration Domain Name together with any Web Hosting Plan. Getting your website protected is very important too, because you will protect all of your visitors information. Then, your website likewise, will rank higher in search results and will provide a green lock secured advising all of the visitors that they are safe.

Website Pro Host Plans Costs

  • Starter $60/year – 1 Hosted Domain
  • Pro $80/year – 5 Hosted Domains
  • Pro Plus $160/year – Unlimited Hosted Domains
  • Expert $228/year – Unlimited Hosted Domains

Getting an SSL Certificate for your Domain Name will provide you website security

Website Pro Host SSL Certificates Costs:

  • Basic $25/year – Just  Domain Protection
  • Wild Card $130/year – Domain and Sub-Domains Protection

WordPress Premium Template

Getting a premium theme to have a unique website is a must in order, to have a quality web design. Premium themes prices vary from $35 to hundreds. Go Digital Website recommends to get a template that is compatible with a page builder plugin. We have put together in a like manner, a video that explains how to buy a premium theme together with other videos that shows how to use the page builder plugin. 

Adding All Costs Together

Receive a Free Year Domain Name Registration and 50% off from any Web Hosting Plan when you apply for Go Digital Website self-learning videos. 

  • Free Domain Name/year
  • Starter: $60/year
  • Basic SSL Certificate $25/year
  • Domain Protection .com $7.50/year

Starter Total= $92.50/year

Premium Theme= $35 or more

  • Free Domain Name
  • Pro Plus: $160/year
  • Basic SSL Certificate: $25/year
  • Domain Protection .com: $7.50/year

Pro Plus Total= 192.50/year

Premium Theme= $35 or more

  • Free Domain Name/year
  • Pro: $80/year
  • Basic SSL Certificate: $25/year
  • Domain Protection .com: $7.50/year

Pro Total= $112.50/year

Premium Theme= $35 or more

  • Free Domain Name/year
  • Expert: $228/year
  • Basic SSL Certificate: $25/year
  • Domain Protection .com: $7.50/year

Expert Total= $260.50/year

Premium Theme= $35 or more

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