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How to Make a Simple Search Engine Website 101

Why is important to make a simple search engine website? If you are providing a service or products is important that you have a simple search engine website. Why? because simple search engine websites are made specially so they are visible in search engine results. Also a simple search engine website can be added to the local search maps. If you want to know how to make a simple search engine website keep reading.

Have an Existing Business Opportunity

It is important that you have an idea of whatever you are trying to accomplish. For example to be a provider on a service, branding, buying, or selling products. You must select something that you can achieve or what you can do best. There are many different options where on how to become a provider. You can only decide. You could take your career to the next level, you could want to be like your boss, or you could simply sell someone else products. Maybe, you want to provide a service that you are expert in. Whatever, you want to accomplish you must know what you are doing to move your career to the next level.

SEO Website Planning 101

If you are planning to make a simple search engine website before you get started. You must make a website plan. This could range from how many main pages your site is going to have. What content your site is going to have, such information, images, videos, posts, and more. Your site content has to be relevant with whatever business opportunity you selected to offer. Make a call to action wireframe, make a sample layout of how you are planning to structure your website information. You could also do a prototype to check how you are going to present your website, such as colors, headings, font, what design layouts you are going to use and so on. If you doing it yourself you can figure out the design by simply chosing a page builder where is already predesign. In other words not necessarily you need a prototype. Unless you hired a web developer who wants to sell you a prototype before designing the website for you.

Domain Name and Web Hosting

Every website out there on the internet has a domain name and web hosting. If you have a product or a service that you might be providing but you do not have a website. It is important that you start planning on how you are going to become visible on the internet. To become visible on the internet you must make a simple search engine website. To accomplish a becoming search engine friendly you must first get a web hosting account and you can achieve that with (godigitalwebsite.com) Try to choose a quality plan this way you have higher website performance and more space ram to make website activities in quantities. Watch our videos on Go Digital Website Web Hosting Plans and Domain Name Registration.

Go Digital Website - Web Hosting Services for You

  • Web Hosting Choose a web hosting plan before you choose a domain name. Then after you decide what plan you are going to use. Thereafter, search for a domain name that is the best for your company or brand. Watch this video on quality plans for B2B Open VPS Hosting and Quality Share Plans. Before choosing for a plan. (Watch Quality Web Hosting 101)
  • Domain Name Now that you have choose a web hosting plan is time to search for a domain name that best describes your company or brand. Make sure that you find a domain name that you like the best. Watch a video on how to plan for a Domain Name.
  • WHOIS Privacy Protection Another important factor when planning to become publish on the internet is going to be domain privacy protection. Why? because you do not want unsolicited people search for your private information on the WHOIS directory. if you acquire WHOIS privacy protection your information details is going remain private from appearing on the WHOIS directory.
  • SSL Certificate Moreover, it is super important. That if you want to make a simple search engine website that you register your domain name with an SSL Certificate. Go ahead and watch our video Why having an SSL Certificate.

Optimization Settings

SSL Certificate Add your domain name without the dot com or dot org whatever in the title and slogan. Thereafter, encrypt your site with the SSL Certificate, change from http:// to https:// this way your site is fully secured. By doing this steps search engines will provide a green light for all the search engine algorithms. Now your visitors may search for you and visit easily with a green light.

NO http://yourdomain.com
YES https://yourdomain.com

Sitebuilder After having the SSL certificate process and install in your web hosting dashboard. You can get started with a simple search engine website with no extra costs by simply using the Web Tools - Sitebuilder. Then choose a business template or choose a template that you like the best. After, make sure that your simple website SSL button is active. Thereafter, follow your SEO website planning 101 and information website layout.

Logo and Favicon To begin adding all of your simple aserach engine website is important to upload a logo and a favicon that will represent your existing business.By doing so your simple website logo and favicon can represent your business for whenever you do a business profile on the internet and as well your logo and favicon will represent your business to your customers

SEO Website Planning 101Get to know that if you are going to make a website it is important that you have a SEO Website Plan this includes an SEO diagram for call to action, information website layout, and image files. If you do not have a document of SEO website Planning you are going to take more time to have a finish website. Another thing is if you are going to hire a web designer it is vital that you give the website designer the SEO Website Planning Document so the Web Designer finish your website in one day or two days

Add Main Pages, Legal, and BlogTo begin a simple search engine website we must plan ahead. The main pages, legal pages, and blog. In the other hand is also important to remove the homepage from the navigation menu to comply with the SEO guidelines. Another thing is to keep in mind that having a contact page, privacy policy, and terms of use page is also important. To be search engine visible.

Optimize all images before you Upload Before you start making your simple website. It is important that you choose what images you are going to use then make sure that you optimize every image before uploading.

Input InformationIt is important that your website has information. If your website does not have any information the internet search engines are not going to make your business or company website visible on the internet because there is no information. So is important that your simple search engine website has all information regarding your services, and products details.

SEO and Meta tagsIt is vital that after you do all of your website content that you do the SEO and Meta tags. Make sure that you input title and descriptions for your search engine results. After you done this part you can go ahead and submit to search engines follow the SEO video for more details.

How to Make a Simple Search Engine Website 101 Part 1

how to make a simple search engine website 101 part 1

How to Make a Simple Search Engine Website 101 Part 2

how to make a simple search engine website 101 part 2

How to Make a Simple Search Engine Website Blog

simple search engine blog

Add main pages and legal pages

  • Homepage (Add New Page) – The most important page of your website is the homepage because it is basically the front page of your website or online store. Make sure that you uniform the homepage with the sitebuilder with listings of your services or featured products. Please make sure that you have images, videos, and call to action buttons that lead to services pages or specific product categories. Another important factor is to consider adding social media buttons and links from reputable online directories to boost your SEO ranking. You must make sure that you have easy navigation throughout the entire website from the homepage this way visitors stay longer on your site. Otherwise, if you do not provide any easy navigation your visitors are going to get lost and leave your website.    
  • About Us (Add New Page) – Make sure that you create a uniform page made with sitebuilder with text, call to actions, and images (1 video if needed) that provide details about who owns the company and a mission statement.
  • Contact Us (Add New Page) – In the contact, we page make sure you add all the details about your company location such as an address, telephone, hours of service, map, and a contact form. Try to add images of the location exterior and interior if you have a physical location.    
  • Services (Add New Post or a Page) – A service website should contain separate pages of all the services that your company offers. Make sure you create a uniform services page with the sitebuilder with text and images (1 video if needed) with details about the services you may offer.    
  • Service Pages – If the services that you offer have categories make sure that you add pages of them. Make sure you create uniform posts with sitebuilder using text, and images  (1 video if needed)  with a button link back to the homepage and details about the service to and other similar categories.   
  • Products (Add New Product) – If your website is an online store make sure that you have WooCommerce installed and create product pages about all of the products your store has to offer. Please make use of the categories feature to organize your products by different category sections.
  • Blog (Add New Page) - The best way to increase your online visibility is through blogging. Consider creating blog posts that are relevant within your niche scope. Posts are a great way to spread more content on internet search engines to get organic traffic. Make sure to create content about your products, and services. The blog page is where all of your posts' articles reside.  
  • News (Add New Posts) - Generally, speaking news posts are the articles that compose your blog page. Surprisingly, the more articles you write you will increase the possibilities of getting found on the internet search engines. But keep in mind that you invest time in writing quality content over quantity. You can have a huge quantity of articles but focus on providing to meet your consumers' expectations. Remember to choose keywords wisely depending on the topic to increase search engine visibility.  When you create a blog post make sure that you include links to your products or services to keep visitors engaged with your entire website. Generally, divide posts by categories and tags to get higher search engine rankings.     
  • Legal Pages (Add New Page) - To stay on the safe side make sure that your website has some sort of legal representation. If you only have a blog where you only offer information you must have a privacy policy page. But if you offer some sort of services or sell products you have to make sure that you have terms of service, and return policy legal pages. Lastly, if you have some sort of subscribing form make sure that you have an unsubscribe page with a form to allow users to be removed from the newsletter list. 

Position in the footer section 

  • Privacy Policy 
  • Terms of Service 
  • Return Policy 
  • Html sitemap 
  • Unsubscribe from email list 

Having all of these pages listed in your website will improve your search engine ranking. Be aware that before your website gets rank by search engine algorithms your website is going to be tested by web crawlers first. Then if (Ex. Google) finds that your website has all the required pages and content is really well organized. Afterwards, your site is going to rank high in the internet search.

After you entirely have all of your website content organized and uniform with the sitebuilder. If you want to appear in search engine results is important that you submit your website address and XML sitemap into the search engine consoles. Remember, that if you want to be on local search that you must match your contact details and logos from your website to the local business profiles. Therefore, the search engine algorithms know your simple website follows search engine guidelines. If you follow the search engine guidelines your site going to appear easily on search engines. Follow our guide on how to submit your website to the popular search engines. So, you start appearing in a matter of a few weeks on search engine results.

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