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Top 5 Tips to how to make money from cosplay

Top 5 Tips to how to make money from cosplayHow do cosplayers make money

You may ask how to make money from cosplay? the answer is simple first cosplayers cosplay because they want to have some fun and excitement doing what they do best “cosplay.” While cosplayers are having some fun taking pictures in their exciting costumes about their favorite superheroes and characters. To have even more fun in their cosplay adventure they share their images and videos about their cosplay lifestyle on popular social media platforms and even some are creating their own website to increase internet visibility.


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Reasons why cosplayers have a website

Many cosplayers have a website because they know that a website is internet friendly and a website can help them be live on the internet search worldwide 24/7 365 days of the year. This means to cosplayers that anybody from any part of the world can see their cosplay content such as their cosplay photo shoots, cosplay products, and even their cosplay video adventures on their favorite cosplay costumes.

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Get started with your own website

If you have a lot of fun doing some cosplay photoshoots, videos, and products. Take into consideration a website project this way you increase excitement having fun doing what you like the most cosplay. You can get started with your very own website by watching Go Digital Website videos on how to make and promote a website. If you think making a website is too hard for you. You can always hire a professional website designer from Go Digital Website: Web Design Services to make the website for you.

How to make money with a website

Cosplay is one of the numerous ways of how to make money with a website. If you are interested in making money with a website read this article on how to make money from a website. This article will give you different ways of how anybody with a website can make money.


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What do a website can do for a cosplayer

A website can help a cosplayer in many ways to gain popularity and authority in the cosplay industry. First, a cosplayer can illustrate all of is images and videos about is favorite cosplay adventures and present it on the world wide web on a website of theirs. They can also turn their exciting cosplay adventure into some extra cash.


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Top 5 Tips to Make Money with Cosplay

  • Commissions (1) you can make costumes for other cosplayers and advertise them online. A website can come very handy to showcase all of your cosplay products and sell them online. Take into consideration that if you are going to create cosplay costumes you have to know how to sew and have a budget to buy all the fabric to fulfill your cosplay orders.
  • Sell your old costumes (2) If you have a costume that you are never going to wear anymore its good that you think that you can re-sell it and earn a little money from it. Re-selling your old costumes can help you free up your closet space for new costumes. You can sell it by advertising on your website and social media.
  • Sell merchandise (3) If you are planning to go this route the best way is to have prince and princess costumes because they are a hot trend in the cosplay world. Make sure that you have these costumes because many people want these costumes for parties and events. You can sell all of your cosplay merchandise on a booth and online on your website.
  • Cosplay photography (4) All of the cosplayers I have seen do photoshoots you can let people take pictures with you on the Comic-Con and Cosplay-Con. You can share and tell people on social media that you are going to be taking pictures on the Con. Another great way is by making calendars and autograph posters about your cosplay photoshoots and put them for sell on your website.
  • Support Artist (5) You can create an account with Patreon and share your cosplay creative ideas and adventures through video this website will allow you to receive monthly fee’s and support from your subscribers but understand that you have to pay a small commission of your earnings to Patreon for their services. To stay on the safe side and earn full commission is by creating your own subscriber’s website and sell your cosplay adventures for a fee. Lastly, you can promote your website on popular social media platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat and so on.

Conclusion: Top 5 Tips to Make Money with Cosplay

Go Digital Website is not a cosplay agency this post was created with the sole intention of educating cosplayers of the benefits a website can offer to cosplayers when it comes to living their cosplay lifestyle.

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