What are the most common ways to promote your business online

promote your business online

How to Promote your business online

The internet is teeming with marketing platforms that will help promote your business online – you just need where to look. Learn why the internet has joined with the best marketing platforms to market any business. These marketing platforms are powerful tools that will help any business get cross-promote online.


  1. In this video, you will learn how to identify this marketing platforms.
  2. You will be able to understand how and why they can help promote your business online.

1. Use the three big local listing services

big local listing

Getting your business register with the three big local listing services is a must and to do so you must register with them. Register your business with Google Places. By doing so you will allow your business to be found on google search easily. All you have to do is fill out the form and enter your address and then you will receive a verification code to be published. Yahoo! Is also another big database that is a listing and is called Local Yahoo. It’s free and it’s worth the few minutes to set up. Microsoft Bing Places has similar service that is easy to sign up for. These are great examples of how to promote your business online.

2. Create Social Media Engagement

social media engagement

Social Media isn’t just a tool to gain exposure but it is a place where businesses can network with people that are active in social media platforms such as Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn. You can create a business page with any of this Social Media Networks and create a buzz of word of mouth among potential prospects within your market niche. Whether you tell your friends to tell their friends about your business or make an ad campaign that will cross-promote your business around a certain target audience.

3. Make a Website


A Website will help your brand to get out there to its followers in a more direct way. But remember that having a website requires work and accountability to maintain a blog and make regular updates according to your business policies. You can learn how to make your very own website with Go Digital Website. You can learn how to make a website using WordPress and how to promote it for free. Publishing a website will cost you approximately $120 or more per year as little as $10 a month. After all, there is no big secret to making and maintaining a WordPress Website.

4. Put Up Multimedia on Youtube or Flickr

multimedia youtube and flickr (1)

Making videos about your business and then upload them to Youtube is a great way to promote your business. This will create awareness among people that are active on Youtube. Another way is by creating different image banners about your business and upload them to Flickr this imaging platform will allow your business to showcase your different images to the active users and will create awareness about your business.

5. SEO your Website Company Content


Submitting your website to the different search engines like Google and Bing. This will help your business to appear in search engine results and will make it much easier for your interested audience to find the business. Another way is by creating different blog posts that answer some of the questions about your business. Moreover other blog posts about different tips and ideas on how your business niche works.

Bonus: Press Release

press release

Making a news listing about the business is a great way of getting the attention of many news readers. Every time your business has a brand new story or newsworthy idea. Spread the news by creating a press release there are different press release websites that you can use to share a press release. Here are two popular websites PRLog and 24/7PressRelease.

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