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SEO Accounting Website Planning

If you are in the business of Acounting. However, to be successful locally you must do SEO Accounting Website Planning. Most likely, that you are going to want to have more customers by becoming appearing on the internet search. You can achieve doing it by either starting to do accounting from the comfort of your home or by leasing a location for your accounting business. The best way to start getting customers is that people in your area and other areas notice you are a accountant. To achieve that you must start a simple search engine website with all of your details and your accounting services and expertise. You can show your expertise by adding a few customers reviews to your website. Another way is by making a few blog posts explaining popular accounting methods for the services that you offer. For example, repair records, bookkeeping, tax filing, savings, financial, and more.

To get started with a accounting website the first steps are to plan what is going to be your domain name. Then make the main menu sketch, Diagram for your main pages SEO call to action, and footer menu sketch. Afterwards, you can use our simple guide for accounting simple search engine website. Lastly, submit the website address and sitemaps to search engines and search maps.

Plan a Domain Name

It is up to you whether you want to start your accounting services from a business location or remotely. To do that you must register a domain name. So you can get started with it at godigitalwebsite.com. But before you must choose what domain title you are going to pick to stay within the accounting commerce category. So you could search for a domain name as follows. If you are located in Colorado you can simply use coloradoaccounting.com or if it is not available you could use your name, street name, or simply your name initials or try something that you have in mind.

Then search the domain name like this (for ex...) streetinitialsaccounting.com try different options and get what you like the most. It is important that you keep the accounting word in your domain title for search engine optimization. If you want to learn more (watch our video on accounting seo website planning.) You can easily do it by adding either the city, street, initials, or name to the accounting without any dashes for better search engine results.

Watch Our SEO Accounting Website Planning Video

seo accounting website planning

Plan the Main Menu for SEO

For the main menu you must make your storefront page available together with the accounting services page, about us page, of course, the contact information, and bookings. It is not difficult at all. Simply follow our guidelines for our SEO Accounting Website Planning. Then, if you want to see how we do SEO Website. In other words, Simple Search Engine Website. After you follow this link we are going to explain how to create a simple search engine website using our search engine optimization call to action techniques made after almost any business model so you can be found in the internet search and local search.

Plan a Diagram of main pages and add SEO call to actions

The best way to attain good Search Engine Visibility is by using a breadcrumbs structure in the main pages of the site. What do I mean by breadcrumbs? It is not hard to do at all. Simply add your domain name storefront page with content, images, and buttons for a call to action. Then Include a structure of call to action buttons on the storefront that takes you from the storefront page to the accounting services page, about us page, bookings, contact us, and blog news.

After using the same structure of call to action buttons that take you to the accounting services page, about us page, bookings, then from the accounting services page a call to action back to the storefront page also the about us page use a call to action back to the storefront, as well contact us page do a call to action back to the storefront, and of course, do the same use a call to action back to the storefront for the bookings page. After doing all that you are going to have a site structure develop similar to the breadcrumbs formula.

For the footer main menu, it is important that you follow the search engine guidelines. It is simple you must include services pages, products pages, about us, social media, privacy policy, and more. But you must exclude the storefront page link from the footer. To avoid being blocked from search engine results. As it is here in the image below. If you include the storefront in the footer it will be harder for search engines to publish your site on the very top of your domain name search engine results.

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