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SEO Website Planning 101

Before you get started on making a simple search engine website you have to have a general concept on how your website content is going to be structured. To begin, you must choose a domain name for your company. Your content structure can range from images, what pages are you going to have, what products you may offer, also you have to put together your about us page with a mission statement or company goal, contact us page with a form, sitemap, your legal pages.

Plan a Domain Name for your company

It is up to you what type of website project you want to start. To get started with any business or company website. You must plan for a domain name. you can easily get one at godigitalwebsite.com. You could search for any domain name that could be your brand or maybe the type of services you offer plus a name attached to it. Who knows you can search for any domain and get the one you like the best. So you could search for a domain name as follows. If you are located in Vermont you can simply use vermontdomain.com or if it is not available you could use your name, street name, or simply your name initials or try something that you have in mind.

Watch Our SEO Website Planning 101 Video

seo website planning 101

Then search the domain name like this (for ex…) streetinitialsdomain.com try different options and get what you like the most. It is important that you keep the service that you offer in your domain title for search engine optimization. If you want to learn more (watch our video on how to choose a domain in the website planning 101 video.) You can easily do it by adding either the city, street, initials, or name to the domain without any dashes for better search engine results.

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    You can get started by watching the video on how to get started with a plan then you can go ahead and start implementing the SEO website planning 101 SEO diagram and information layout into what is going to be your new simple search engine website.
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