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Why use the Internet Social Media Sites?

social media sitesWhy use the internet Social Media Sites for business?

If you own, manage, work for, or invest in a business of any kind. It’s important to know effective strategies within social media sites that will help you collaborate with co-workers to solve problems or create systems, services, or products that make your organization more competitive or more valuable to potential prospects. There are many different internet social media sites that can help you promote your business.

What’s in it for you?

A trusted network is a group of like-minded people who have come together in a common place to share thoughts, ideas, and information about themselves. These social communities sometimes include more than 100 million registered users that host more than 10 billion photographs. These social media sites develop the trust that ultimately creates influence among your consumers. By developing and cultivating networks, your organization can create an opportunity to develop the trust that may result in more sales.

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What is Social Media?

Social media is one of those phrases that many people think they should know because it combines two familiar words. You know what social means. After all, people are social beings, relying upon one’s abilities to interact with and influence others in order to survive. To be social is a desirable thing the word itself promotes something good. Now the word media refers to newspapers, magazines, and television. While the word media shares images of the news organizations. It also brings up how the news is delivered. On the other hand, these two words combine together social media represents different internet social networks that allow us to interact socially with people of all around the globe.

There are four ways to engage with people with social media:

  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Education
  • Entertainment

You’ve probably used email to do all of these four things. Email, ancient as it may seem to some, is still an effective social media application. But numerous other applications have sprouted and evolved since email became a common fixture in business. We are now witnessing a complex ecosystem of social media applications.

The social media ecosystem

Facebook, one of the most pervasive social-media applications on the planet, is a social networking application, one of several categories in the social media ecosystem. We call it an ecosystem because some applications compliment one another and the way of how we socialized today is evolving.

15 categories of the ecosystem

  1. Social Networking
  2. Publishing
  3. Photo Sharing
  4. Audio Sharing
  5. Video Sharing
  6. Microblogging
  7. Livecasting
  8. Virtual Worlds
  9. Gaming
  10. Productivity
  11. Aggregators
  12. RSS
  13. Search
  14. Mobile
  15. Interpersonal

There is some overlap in these categories. In other words, some features and functions found in one category are components of another. just so you get the hang of it, let’s take a quick look at three of the most popular categories in the social media ecosystem.


Social Networking: Facebook

Social Networking applications like Facebook allow you to create online biographical profiles and then “post” things that your friends, colleagues, or customers might find interesting or useful. The things you post can include photos, videos, articles, your status throughout the day of random thoughts. Think of Facebook as a digital scrapbook on steroids, a scrapbook that you can easily update and share with people you’ve connected through this powerful Web 2.0 tool. Facebook has been very popular with high school and college students, but the fastest growing segment has actually been people 35-50. many businesses have a Facebook page. It’s not yet evident that a business will sell more stuff just by having a Facebook page. In order for a business to create a word of mouth buzz among potential prospects the business should use Facebook Ads.


Video Sharing: YouTube

If you are reading this you’ve probably heard of YouTube, a video sharing application that allows you to “broadcast yourself” One of the more popular videos posted there is called “Sorry” by a famous singer Justin Bieber which has been view more than 2 billion times. Youtube also allows people to rate and comment on what they watch. Remember, social media is about facilitating conversation. Justin’s video has over 500000 comments; that’s a lot of conversation. Justing Bieber started his singing career in Youtube because of him having a Youtube channel success he became a famous pop star around the world.


Microblogging: Twitter

If you really like Justin Bieber Music Videos, you can share it with your friends on Facebook. Or you can follow Justin on Twitter. Twitter is a microblogging tool that allows you to send 140 character messages to people who think you have something interesting to say. (For what its worth, the previous sentence was 137 characters with spaces.) How much can you say with 140 characters? Apparently, quite a bit. Twitter has taken the social media world by storm, and even though the company has not made any money, it has a market valuation of $100 billion. many of us thought the .com days would never be seen again. Seems just about everyone is joining the conversation on Twitter. Okay, not everyone. Teens, for example, is not a group who have adopted Twitter widely. Not to worry though because every realtor, insurance agent, the multi-level marketer in your town has.

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Sell More Stuff to More People

Whatever type of business you’re in, your real bottom-line is to sell more stuff. The most valuable customers, however, can do more than just buy stuff. They can promote what you do to the people in their circles of influence on their own networks. They can also help you improve your products and even design new ones. The powers of selling on social media do not stop there because customers can leave comments, reviews, and share your products around other social media platforms.

Make it FREE or charge a small fee

There is a general expectation that things on the Web should be free. While there are some notable expectations to this rule of thumb, you should be willing to make a lot of valuable content absolutely free and available to everyone. Things such as “How to” reports, white papers, and other information that showcases your expertise should be highlighted as FREE and made easily accessible. You may think that you will not make any money by giving things away. By letting people explore what you have to offer or use the basic plan for free is a great way to attract many customers then up-sell by asking them to sign up for a fee or a premium.

A closer look at Engagement Strategies

Let’s take a quick look at these four categories of engagement and a sampling of some of the social media tools associated with each.

  • Communication: If you’ve sent an e-mail recently, you’ve communicated. If you’ve used a service like Constant Contact or Survey Monkey to invite a group of people (via e-mail) to view your newsletter or take a quick survey, you’ve taken your communication to the next level. using a social media application. If you’ve used Twitter to blast a quick text message to a group of friends or colleagues, you’ve used a specific social medium to communicate. If you’ve used Jott to convert a voicemail message into an e-mail, welcome to the world of social media. If you haven’t done anything beyond e-mail, that’s okay, too.
  • Collaboration: One of the earliest uses of the Internet was as a collaboration tool. If you’ve participated in a Listserv, a chat room, or a discussion board, you’ve already experienced collaboration to some degree. There are, however, several social media tools designed to foster collaboration among work teams, buyers, and sellers, companies and customers, even authors and readers. Wikipedia and eBay are all examples of applications and companies that offer a means of collaboration.
  • Education: Educating your customers and training your employees can be important to the success of your business. Several social media tools make the educational process easier and more dynamic. If you’ve downloaded music from Apple’s iTunes, did you know that you can also download college-level lectures on a wide range of topics? Some businesses are using podcasts and YouTube videos as a means of educating others. There are virtual seminars and classes being held in Second Life. Some savvy real estate brokers are using blogs to educate potential buyers about schools, churches, and restaurants in their community.
  • Entertainment: Historically, some of the best commercials on television have been very entertaining and quite effective at selling products and services. They’ve also been expensive to produce and broadcast. Not so in the new world of social media. A quick search on YouTube using the phrase ‘‘Blendtec iPhone’’ will let you see how a CEO of a company that makes blenders (yes, the kitchen appliance) was able to dramatically increase sales by shooting a series of videos showing him feeding different objects into his powerful blender, objects that included an Apple iPhone.

With all said in this blog remember that the role of social media sites is to facilitate conversation by engaging people. The way to engage people is through communication, collaboration, education, and entertainment. Take all the necessary steps to progress with your project idea or vision. Getting to know all the basics of how to use social media effectively is a fundamental base for all entrepreneurs. Only the best and educated will know how to create a business plan to cross-promote on social media.

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