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What are the best Social Media Tips for Engagement

13 Social Media Tips for Engagement

13 Social Media Tips for Engagement


The purpose of this social media tips is to help you get a better understanding of social engagement. Go Digital Website educates about social media networking which will help achieve engagement and build a fanbase audience to your social pages and website. In a word, this tips will help you identify why and how you can make the social media audience engage in your business. All in all, you will get a better understanding of what works and what doesn’t when working with social media audience.

1. Consistency


Consistency is a very important factor when it comes to promoting your business on social media platforms. Your business has to build trust, inspire, and educate the social community. No matter what your business is about these are things that you have to communicate in the content that you post on social media. If you communicate trust people are going to come to your business and they are going to engage with your business. Creating trust among your viewers will generate sales. Because you make your audience feel confidence in your products or services. Another thing is that you should have to be consistent with how many times you post a day. Posting a day will vary depending on your business niche or targeted audience. The way I see this is that posting about three times during a day is good enough because you can post in the morning, afternoon, and evening. Must have the consistency to post every day.

2. Schedule


With all the posting that you are going to do is very important that you create a schedule and organize what you are going to post on certain days. For example, try to post something different every day. Such as on Friday your Friday specials or Wednesday your testimonials, Tuesday quotes and so on. Organize something different every day and you will see the how people are going to engage.

3. Post Photos

post photos

Choosing the right photos for your business is very important for the reason that these photos are going to represent your business. That is why I recommend you to use original material and photos. Depending what your business is about trying to create your very own images with quotes. Take pictures of your products and so on. Use good quality photos.

go digital

4. Call to action

call to action

Tell people what you want them to do. Tell people to share your post with other friends, tell them to leave a comment. People are okay when they are told what to do.

5. Ask Questions

ask questions

Asking questions is very important because it breaks the ordinary pattern. Most of the time we see posts that are providing images of their products or posts with an article to buy this stuff. Break the pattern of always trying to sell something ask your audience how do they feel today. Ask them what are they going to do this weekend. Asking questions will make your audience stop and think of themselves and this will create engagement with your brand.

6. Cross promote

cross promote

Cross promote is very important. Tell your Twitter audience to like you on Facebook tell your Facebook audience to like you on Instagram tell your Youtube audience to like you on Facebook and so on. Cross promoting will generate engagement through the different social media platforms.

7. Hold Contests

hold contest

If your audience knows you are going to give them cool stuff or discounts they are more likely that they are going to try to engage every day or every week with your social media fan page.

8. Do not focus on sales only

do not focus on sales only

Break the pattern of always trying to sell something. Selling is not a bad thing to do that is why you are doing social media in the first place but try to balance your communication between sales, stories about the brand. “Try using different patterns.” Be more counterproductive engage people with other relevant questions and answers about your business or create tips about how to use a product. Tell them how and where they can enjoy a product and so on.

9. Flash Sales

flash sales

Holding flash sales are great when you tell your audience on Facebook that go ahead and visit Instagram because you have a flash sale over there on Instagram. This will make your audience cross to the different social platform and learn about your sale over at Instagram. Use different flash sale tactics to grow your different social media platforms.

10. Social Media Integration

social media integration

Create different buttons into your social media post such learn more like this page and so on having buttons on your website is great to lead people to your website.

11. Post Reviews

post reviews

Make sure you are posting reviews on your social media posts this will bring the attention of the users and more likely they will buy you something.

12. Customer Service

customer service

Provide good customer service and ask for customer feedback. Think of it you are a brand that have to provide good customer service and that you are there to help your customers with anything regarding your business.

13. Respond your messages

respond messages

Do the best you can do to answer all of the messages your audience sends you and try to communicate in the post sometimes people like to ask questions in the post be aware of when people are asking question within the posts.

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