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What tips are good for Starting a Youtube Channel

starting a youtube channel

5 Tips for Starting a Youtube Channel

Starting a Youtube Channel can be very rewarding with time. Why I say this because you could make an impact on someone else life. By either sharing your thoughts and ideas about a particular topic or niche with people out there that show similar interests as you.


  1. In this post, you are going to learn to have accountability when it comes to starting a Youtube Channel.
  2. This post will discuss why and how to become more productive when it comes to Youtube Video Creation.

1. Paste Yourself

Paste yourself

When starting a youtube channel is always important to paste yourself for the reason that by doing so you are going to have the time to plan ahead and prepared all of your ideas and put all of your thoughts together. Creating videos without any preparation is going to affect the quality of your videos. Youtube does not put your videos out there for the audience just because you upload many videos. What matters to Youtube is that your videos are being watched and people like to watch videos that answers their questions and watch videos that are of their interest. Example Videos whether the video is about entertaining or your videos answer questions. Make sure your videos have a purpose and that they make sense to the viewers.

2. Accountability


What do I mean by accountability? Make sure that the content that you are creating is something that you enjoy and that you learn about. For example, read books or watch videos about the topic your videos are about. The videos that you create have to be something that you know about for instance I am always learning how to make a better website this way I can show it to my viewers. Let know your audience that what you are creating is something that you love and have a passion for it. Make sure you create videos about something that you can be doing for 1 year or 5 years down the road. This way you make sure your channel grows and stick progress about the same concept. If you are not 100% into the concept that you are going to make videos about, is more likely that you are going to create content with chances you are going to burn out and then quit. Therefore make sure you do something you love. Make the effort to create some spare time for creating videos good videos and understand the concept you are making videos about.


3. Be Yourself

be yourself

Being yourself is very important when it comes to creating youtube videos. If you mock someone else videos and copy someone else style then your audience is not going to feel you. In the other hand if you create content according to your own style and your own thoughts and ideas. The audience is going to talk more about what you do and what you are trying to convey. So be yourself this way you feel comfortable and make others feel the same way. By being yourself you transmit confidence and viewers will be more likely to engage in your videos.

4. Money


Find a way of how to make money outside Youtube ads. The reason for this is because everything costs money. Making videos cost money. You have to buy a camera, lights, equipment, a website and so on. Youtube ads can pay you some money within time but that is going to a long time and you never will know if you are going to get paid well with Youtube ads. Focus more on creating your own brand by making your very own website and sell something. Focus on providing quality content this way your audience engage more into your videos and your Youtube efforts pay for themselves.

5. Visual Authority

Visual Authority

Work in making quality Videos. People are more likely to respond to videos that have good quality videos. Visual Authority consists of having good looking Thumbnails, quality lights and film. Make sure your Youtube Channel has a Channel Art a description and subtitles. Go Digital Website has prepared a set of videos that show all the technicalities about how to use Youtube effectively.

Bonus. Have Fun

Have Fun

Make sure you have fun when creating videos and make sure the audience can see that you’re having fun creating content for them. Most importantly have fun when you are passing your message to others.

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