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Submit Simple Website to Search Engines and Local Search

After you have completed your simple search engine website. It is important that you go through the SEO process and checklists. In the same fashion that you input all of your information in your simple website you have to do SEO. Remeber that you must make sure that your simple site has an SSL certificate, Logo, favicon, XML sitemap, Html Sitemap, SEO Meta Tags for Search Title and Description for all of your pages. Make sure you completed the SEO process and checklist. Before you submit into search engines and local search.

Logo and Favicon

It is important that a every simple website has a logo and a favicon by having this. Your logo and favicon are going to represent your company or business brand. Moreover, is crucial that your logo and favicon also represent your company on different online directories business profiles. If you are planning to create different business profiles such as yelp, facebook market place, google business profile, and more. Make sure that you match your contact information together match your logos and favicons.

Install SSL Certificate

It is important to install the SSl certificate before beginning a simple search engine website. Then you have to make sure that the SSL certificate is active in your site builder settings. If you do not know how to install, the SSl watch the part 1 of simple search engine website video for more details

Create an HTML and XML Sitemap Page

Get to know that having an HTML sitemap is part of your legal pages, and without it search engines will not be able to crawl all of your simple website pages and blog. So is important that not only you have a HTML sitemap but an XML Sitemap for the search engines. Remember, that submitting your simple website into search engines requires you to submit the XML sitemap as well. When your simple site has HTML sitemap and XML sitemap the search engine crawlers will easily crawl your site information and make it visible on the search engine.

To begin a simle search engine website it is important that you have a general idea of what are going to be your main pages, legal pages, and blog. To get started on this you must do SEO website planning before making a simple website. In your SEO plan you must include what domain name you are going to use, and SEO diagram of your system navigation call to action. Moreover, what are the main pages, legal pages, together if you are going to have a blog have a plan for that too. Try using a simple information website layout and input your simple website information there before you hire a web designer. So the web designer can input the information into your website fast in a matter of 1 day to two days. But if you going to do the website yourself is important that you have the information ready. So you do not have to overthink to finishing your simple search engine website.

Watch Submit Simple Website to Search Engines and Local Search Video

seo meta tags, summission to search engines, and local search

After you have all of your SEO website planning pass down into what is going to be your simple search engine website. Consider to submit into search engines and local search for internet search engine visibility. Have your domain name, simple website, and XML sitemap, ready before you submit to the internet search. So people who are searching the internet in your area and other areas find that your business can help them with the services you may be offering. Remember that if you want to appear on local search is important that you match your website contact information and telephone number with the business profiles, online directories, and search maps.

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