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old illness

The Crime that gives the “Old illness”

(Getting old is not normal, to grow is normal)



Learn the contradiction from (grow to stay fit and forever young) vs (age to stop growing to get older) Obviously, the beginning of all lives starts because of other lives growth that is why the purpose of all lives is to grow also, in addition, to growth, of course,  getting old is not normal growth is normal. The purpose of all lives comes from the growth of parents that is why all lives have the power of growth also. To contradict, those who promote to age, stop the growth and get old are total, shame to themselves and others. Because is possible to ask everyone how young are you? Not how old are you? The Crime that gives the “Old illness” is for those who want to learn the primary cause that gives the “Old illness” this is an exclusive, contradiction of the old illness versus to “stay fit and forever young.” This contradiction, proves how is possible to avoid the “old illness.” This exclusive contradiction is only for those who have the interest of what happens when the crime that gives the “Old illness” attacks. If you want to avoid to get the “old illness” read this brief explanation to learn and digest why some citizens become victims of the crime that gives the “Old illness” moreover, know why it is possible to “stay fit and forever young” and to avoid the “old illness.” To stay on the safe side, the reader has total consent that the information that is written in this brief explanation is of approval by the reader to accept this book information. The Crime that gives the “Old illness” this consent is for the reader’s point of view.