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Does Website Content really matter?

Does Website Content really matter_
Website Content

Why Writing Valuable Website Content

In reality, the website content is the main reason why consumers will visit that website. Generally speaking, consumers will visit a site because of valuable information, purchase things or look at the ads that may use to generate revenue. For one thing, Go Digital Website is created with the sole intention to educate people on How to Make a Quality WordPress Website. Take into consideration that a website is similar to a book with a lot of pages. On the contrary, a website is composed of electronic content, ranging from text to graphics, photos, and videos. Be aware that the job of search engines is to crawl new and change web pages on the internet. Therefore a website content, of course, is the single most important piece to generate traffic and revenue to that website.


What is the main point of website content

The main reason for website content is to keep all of the visitors informed. Therefore if you are starting a website consider creating content that is relevant to the organization or business company. Keep in mind that valuable content will keep all of the website visitors interested in whatever the organization is doing. It’s very important that you always keep your visitors informed about the services, products, events, specials, and so on to keep visitors engaged. Obviously, to keep people interested you must meet their expectation. One of the best ways to achieve this is by providing solutions. This could be by answering questions they may have, giving advice, presenting products, and so on.

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The goal is to get more visitors

The key to getting your content found easily on the internet search is by creating content that is already being searched. Therefore is really important to use a keyword planner search tool (For Ex. Google Keyword Planner) to do some research before getting started. Always try to aim to create content around keyword phrases that have from 100 to 1,000K+ or from 1,000K to 10,000K+ search volume. In general, there are two types of keywords phrases (1) short keywords and (2) long tail keywords. A short KW is composed of 1 and 2 syllables and long tail KW are composed of 3 and more syllables. Generally speaking, long tail keyword phrases are being typed more often on search engines. For the reason that people tend to ask and type for things in the form of long phrases, and not short keywords.

More to keyword research

Make sure to avoid the mistake of writing a topic for keywords with [0] search volume. Why? because nobody is going to search for it. The best way to go around this is to always write articles for keywords that are being searched. The other factor is to be aware of the competition status of that particular keyword phrase. If you choose a keyword phrase with low competition you will have higher chances to appear on the first-page easily. Unlike if you choose medium or high keyword phrases you are less likely to appear on the first page but is still possible. You simply have to make sure to analyze the competition first and aim to create a more valuable piece of content.

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What is the website content made of?

Basically, your website content consists of text, images, and videos. However, to get people interested in your website content you have to make valuable content. Therefore, keep in mind to write posts with approx. 500+ more words along with images and some videos. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words and a video is worth 1.8 million words. But just because videos are worth 1.8 million words do not exclude from writing quality posts.

More to what is content

In other words, there are many people who prefer reading over watching videos. Remember that search engine results appear with the title tag, URL and description. Moreover, is important that you optimize all of your pages and posts content. To know about website optimization read How to Google Optimize your WordPress Website. By doing so, then your website will easily be crawled by Google.

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Build your online reputation

Investing in creating quality content for your website is a great way to build an online reputation. Generally, people are going to rate your website content depending on the ability your content meets their expectations. Most of the time people are searching the internet for answers to their problems. For this reason, is important to invest in creating content that provides information and solutions within your organization scope. Read Blog Writing Examples for more information regarding blog posts content. Another key point is to install a plugin that can help you generate reviews for all of your posts. This way you start building your online reputation through your posts reviews.


Pages, Posts, and Products equals Website Content

To summarize, websites can be either made of pages, posts, and products. If you want to attract consumers to your website you have to make sure that your site meets the required pages. Therefore make sure you have all of these pages, listed below in your website to improve your search engine ranking.

Homepage (Add New Page) – The most important page of your website is the homepage because is basically the front page of your website or online store. Make sure that you uniform the homepage with a page builder (Ex. Elementor) with listings of your services or featured products. Please make sure that you have images, videos, and call to action buttons that lead to services pages or specific product categories. Another important factor is to consider adding social media buttons and links from reputable online directories to boost your SEO ranking. You must make sure that you have easy navigation throughout the entire website from the homepage this way visitors stay longer time in your site. Otherwise, if you do not provide any easy navigation your visitors are going to get lost and leave your website.     

About Us (Add New Page) – Make sure that you create a uniform page made with Elementor with text and images (1 video if needed) that provides details about who owns the company and a mission statement.    

Contact Us (Add New Page) – In the contact us, page make sure you add all the details about your company location such as an address, telephone, hours of service, map, and a contact form. Try to add images of the location exterior and interior if you have a physical location.   

Services (Add New Post) – A service website should contain separate pages of all the services that your company offer. Make sure you create a uniform services page with a page builder (Ex. Elementor) with text and images (1 video if needed) with details about the services you may offer.  

Service Categories – If the services that you offer have categories make sure that you add pages of them. Make sure you create uniform posts with a page builder (Ex. Elementor) using text, and images  (1 video if needed) with a button link back to the homepage and details about the service to and other similar categories.

Products (Add New Product) – If your website is an online store make sure that you have WooCommerce install and create product pages about all of the products your store have to offer. Please make use of the categories feature to organized your products by different category sections.

Blog (Add New Page) – The best way to increase your online visibility is through blogging. Consider, creating blog posts that are relevant within your niche scope. Posts are a great way to spread more content on internet search engines to get organic traffic. Make sure to create content about your products, and services. The blog page is where all of your posts articles reside.

News (Add New Posts) – Generally speaking news posts are the articles that compose your blog page. Surprisingly, the more articles you write you will increase the possibilities of getting found on the internet search engines. But keep in mind that you invest time in writing quality content over quantity. You can have a huge quantity of articles but focus on providing to meet your consumers’ expectations. Remember to choose keywords wisely depending on the topic to increase search engine visibility. When you create a blog post make sure that you include links to your products or services to keep visitors engage with your entire website. Generally, divide posts by categories and tags to get higher search engine rankings.

Legal Pages (Add New Page) – To stay on the safe side make sure that your website has some sort of legal representation. If you only have a blog where you only offer information you must have a privacy policy page. But if you offer some sort of services or sell products you have to make sure that you have terms of service, and return policy legal pages. Lastly, if you have some sort of subscribing form make sure that you have an unsubscribe page with a form to allow users to be removed from the newsletter list.

  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms of Service
  • Return Policy
  • Unsubscribe from an email list
social media sharing
Social Media Sharing

Why Sharing Website Content On Social Media Networks

Social Media Networks has become very popular among people of all ages. They are a reputable source to create a “buzz” of word of mouth among different people on social communities. In order to make your website content social, you must sign up in multiple social media platforms. Once you have an account with social networks like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and more. It’s totally up to you which social media platform you want your organization to take part. Afterward, you can upload content and start sharing your website content in your different social networks. Then you can share it in specific groups or simply create ad campaigns to make your organization social active. As a result, social media sharing generates reputable backlinks back to your website. Furthermore, it’s known that doing this will increase your website search engine ranking positioning.

Content is the main reason why people visit your website

In conclusion, your website content is the #1 reason why people visit your website in the first place. Obviously, if the content on your site is valuable more and more people will search for your website. Therefore, keep in mind to create content that is relevant to your organization only. To sum up, choose topics according to what people are already searching within your niche scope. To easily be found when people ask and type on the internet search.

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