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WordPress Forms: Free and Premium Plugins

Getting to understand how to make WordPress Forms is crucial for anyone that is building a website with WordPress. There are many plugins for creating forms they all work differently some of them are more effective and easier to use than others. Here at Go Digital Website we have set a series of self-learning videos that explain in detail how to create and promote a website using WordPress. There are two types of forms one is basic forms and the second is complex forms. WordPress Forms are a great tool for creating communication among users and the website headquarters. 

Free vs Premium WordPress Forms

Some free forms plugins are complicated to understand and some other are pretty simple to use. Comparatively Go Digital Website recommends all of users how to create a website form the easy way. Not to mention the difference between Free vs Premium Forms is that Free version only offer the capability to make basic forms and with the premium version offer both basic and complex forms. For this reason our video courses offer tutorials on how to use free and premium forms plugins. Of course if up to the WordPress admin whether the website is going to use a basic or complex form. See the videos and find out what can be done and understand what a website really needs.   

Basic Forms Offer:

Field Features: 

  • Name
  • Email
  • Subject
  • Text
  • Text Area
  • Drop-down Selects
  • Radio
  • Checkbox
  • Date-time Picker
  • Location

Complex Forms Offer

Form Features: 

  • Easy to Use, Powerful Forms
  • 30+ Ready to Use Forms Fields
  • Conditional Logic
  • Email Notifications
  • File Uploads
  • Save and Continue
  • Calculations
  • Elite Features
  • Limit and Schedule Forms
  • WordPress Post Creation
  • Fight Spam
  • Responsive Design
  • Integrations
  • Form Ecosystem 
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