What WordPress website mistakes you should avoid right from the start

What WordPress Website Mistakes you should avoid

wordpress website mistakes

WordPress Website Mistakes you should Avoid.

Before you get started with building your very own WordPress Website there are a few WordPress Website Mistakes that you should avoid when you are trying to promote your business online. Being able to identify WordPress Website Mistakes will benefit your marketing results drastically. In other words, by recognizing, these mistakes will help you make a website using WordPress the right way from the beginning.

1. Not Having Domain Name Privacy

Domain Privacy

Having Domain Name Privacy will help your business for the reason that protecting your private information will help to avoid unsolicited calls. When you do not protect your domain name information. The Whois directory bylaw will make it public on their website. By buying privacy to your Domain all of the information that links to the owner will be change to the Web Hosting Address and Telephone number. This way your business will not be attacked by spammers and your business website will remain on the safe side.

2. Not Having SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate

Having an SSL Certificate Install into your Domain Name will help you protect your website and all of the information you receive from your visitors and customers. Having an SSL Certificate will protect your website and as well will provide a green security lock in the search bar giving all of your visitors the green light to visit your site because is safe. In the other hand if your website does not have an SSL certificate the browser will have a red light that gives all of your visitors a warning that your site is not secured. This means potential prospects might not visit your site because of this warning. Another benefit of having an SSL certificate will help your business to rank better in search engine results for the reason that your website is secured.

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3. Using a Free WordPress Theme

free wordpress theme

Using a Free WordPress theme is a very bad idea for the reason that free themes have very limited resources and they also have a link in the footer to the designer website. Which will hurt your SEO ranking instantly? Another thing with Free themes is that the security is vulnerable to getting hacked and Free themes design are significantly being shared by many users. The best way to get around this is by buying a premium theme that is compatible with a page builder. This way you can design the website according to your business needs and by doing so your website will have an authentic design.

4. Buying an Ordinary Premium Theme

ordinary WordPress themes

Buying a premium theme will allow you the customized the footer section and will provide more options when making your website. But the problem with premium ordinary themes is that their design has been shared with many other users. The best way to go around this problem is to look for a premium theme that has a page builder built in or that is compatible with a page builder plugin. For example, having a premium theme that is compatible with a page builder plugin will give you full control over your WordPress design. Being able to control your WordPress design is a great advantage for the reason that you will be able to design your website according to your business needs. The site performance is going to be much greater because of the uniqueness of your website design.

5. Not Having a Backup of your Site

website backups

Not having a backup your site will affect you really bad. Having a backup can save all of your work when something goes wrong. The best way to go around this is by getting a Web Hosting provider that offers you a daily backup of your website. Website Pro Host offers website backups for all of their Web Hosting Customers. These backups are great for the reason that you can refresh your website to a backup file of your site when something goes wrong with your site.

6. Not Changing the Permalinks

change permalinks


When creating a website using WordPress by default WordPress has the permalink structure set to plain permalinks. This is a link that does not search friendly and is mainly going to affect your SEO because is not readable for search engine web crawlers. The best way to go around this problem is by changing the permalinks to post name. By doing the small change now your website pages and posts will have the post name link after your domain name which will help your site to be search engine friendly.

7. Writing short posts with no value



Writing short post will not make an impact when trying to rank in a search engine. The Yoast SEO plugin recommends writing a post more than 400 hundred words. But with my experience 400 words still a very short post. The way to go through this problem is by writing 1000 or more words to be on the safe side depending on your topic. Another tip when writing a post is that your post has to have meaning and use to an audience. For example, write answers to questions or write something that has value to your market niche explain the why and how to solve a problem. In other words, try to write something that is search engine friendly. This way you can increase the possibilities of being found on the internet search results.

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8. Installing Plugins that have the same use

do not install same use plugins

Installing plugins that have the same user can disable all of your WordPress website for the reason that these plugins are fighting one against the other to make the same type of function. Another thing is that some Web Hosting providers will not allow you to install certain plugins and they also will limit you on how many plugins to install. To be on the safe side with this type of problem you have to make sure that you choose a good web hosting provider that does not disable any plugins just for their convenience. Remember to use plugins efficiently, avoid using two different plugins that have the same use and do not have plugins that are not being used at all.

9. Not blocking spam comments

block spam

Having a plugin that blocks all of your spam is great for your website project. We all know that unsolicited visitors can affect a website by posting comments with other website links or any other kind of misrepresentation to your website. The way to go around this is by installing a plugin that blocks spammers.

10. Not optimizing images

optimize images

Having high-resolution images can slow down your website drastically. Your visitors are going to leave the site right away because website takes much time to load. The best two ways to go about this problem. One – resizing all of your large images to less 1000 x 1000. Then I also recommend installing a plugin call Imsanity to optimize all of your images when uploading them. This plugin will crush the images to a smaller size. Two – use alt in all of your images by doing so your images are going to be 508 compliant according to web 2.0. Standards.

11. Using Low-Quality Hosting

use quality hosting

Most of the Web Hosting providers are good but when trying to choose the right hosting for your website. To stay on the safe side is better to use a hosting provider that someone else recommends you and makes sure this person has a website with them. Go Digital Website is published with Website Pro Host VPS with 4000GB traffic capacity that is 12’000,000 visitors per month. I pay 60/month. But I am able to host video tutorials and the site load fast without having any problem. Website Pro Host also offers shared hosting that is about 13/month with I believe 5GB traffic capacity that is 15,000 visitors per month. I decided to get a VPS because all my visitors are going to watch videos and videos take out to much CPU that is my reason why I decided to use VPS instead and because the site is going to load much faster. But If you are going to sell products only and you are going to keep your traffic less than 15,000 a month you okay with shared hosting. Other Web hosting providers work the same. One huge benefit of Website Pro Host is that they do not disable optimizing plugins for their convenience to sell you their website services. Other web hosting providers disable some plugins to sell you their website services.

12. Not optimizing your WordPress Files

optimize files

Like I mentioned before some of the web hosting providers will disable some of the best plugins that optimize all of your WordPress files. Leaving you with a slow site just for their convenience to sell website services. Not being able to optimize all of your WordPress files will slow down your site. Guess what is going to happen to all of your potential prospects they are going to leave. Yeah, that is right they are going to look for another place where they can receive better services. This one of the main reasons why I choose Website Pro Host because they do not call their customers to sell them any more services they just wait for you to open a ticket whenever you need it. The best two ways to go about this problem is. One – choose a very Good Web Hosting provider like Website Pro Host. Two – Install a plugin like WP Fastest Cache which will compress and minify all of your WordPress files.

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13. Not using social media sharing buttons

social media sharing

Social Media platforms have become very popular sites among billions of users every month. More and more people are spending their spare time connecting themselves with friends in online communities. For this reason, social media platforms have authority on the internet. They can help any website project to receive a referral from their platform to your website. Implementing social media into your business project is great way receive referrals from authority websites like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn and so on.

14. Using a password that is to easy to guess

strong password

One of the best ways to make sure that your website does not get hacked is by choosing a strong password. The best way to do this to stay on the safe side is to auto-generate a strong password from your WordPress user settings. Make sure you copy and save this password someplace where you can see it and use it when you log in.

15. Publishing your website with WordPress instead of paid WordPress

paid WordPress

There are two sides to WordPress one is the free version and the other is the paid version. Which is the best and why. First of all the free WordPress will not allow you to have a domain name. Second thing free WordPress will not allow you to install any plugins. Lastly, you cannot create an online store. On the other hand, the paid WordPress version is limitless and allows you to install plugins, and premium themes. The use of plugins will allow you to create an awesome website. Evenly you can create an eCommerce store or any type of website you desire.

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